Past Presentations

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  • Presentation on Train Chasing

    Dec. 15:  7 PM. Presentation on Train Chasing and railroad history by Philip and Terri Jackman.

  • Cara Price presentation ~Equitrekking in Mongolia

    Presentation, September 10, 2 PM.  Cara Price tells us about her trek through Mongolia on horseback Almost 20,000 miles round trip traveled by car, by plane, by car, 200 miles on horseback over 12 days, more car, more plane and more car. All just to see the Tsaatan, the last of the nomadic reindeer...

  • “Looking at Paintings from the Inside out”

    Ever wondered how historic masterpieces can still survive after hundreds of years, and still be beautiful?  Come to the Center to hear Faye Wrubel tell about the world of Art conservation and restoration.   Faye Wrubel was painting conservator at the Art Institute of Chicago for 36 years, reti...

  • In Touch with Nature – A gallery talk with Barbara Baird

    Barbara Baird is an award-winning nature photographer who has made her permanent home in Galena, Illinois since 2005. Her images are a tribute to the wildlife that live here and in other parts of the world. Her goal is to inspire a greater awareness to preserve, enhance, and expand our diminishing n...

  • Kaiten – Book Signing

  • “Chasm Gorge” – Book Launch

    Safari guide Jim Heck’s novel “Chasm Gorge”,  longlisted for the Hemingway Prize by Shakespeare & Co., Paris, is a gripping tale of terrorism set in Africa, with original illustrations for the book by Galenian Sheila Haman.

  • Roadtrip With A Raindrop

  • Arts Prism